I suppose.

That maybe i should start this. I have been interested in starting a blog for a couple of years now, but have never had the courage, nor what i deemed to be an interesting enough life to document. However, a new wind has blown through, and has dislodged me from my seemingly lax existence. I have embarked on a journey which hopefully will have a lasting effect upon me. I have moved from a small town in Kansas to another respectively "small" town in Italy. While the size of both towns may be be comparable ( i truly dont know, but would assume that Manhattan is larger) Orvieto feels worlds away, and in truth, it is. The air feels different here and there is a silence which exists that i have never experienced. The main goal of this space is to record my experiences abroad, but will be interspersed with random findings that i find interesting, or strange, and even less likely, relevant or worthwhile. As my first foray into the world of blogging, i cant say if this will be anything but a self indulgent mess; It is my hope, however, that those of you who are reading this can follow along on my journey. I will try to update on a regular basis, but knowing my affinity for sleeping and drinking, that could prove to be a challenge.

Ciao for now


Staci Kay said...

You are wearing my shirt..:) I miss you dearest. I need to talk to you very soon. Please?

Diana Trushell said...

arrrgh. ryan, you don't seem to understand.
i am in kansas. that means i'm bored.