I am sitting in what seems to be my favorite new spot, Cafe del Corso where i get internet and a cappuccino, all for a euro. Perfecto! The staff is also very helpful (and attractive) and speaks a little english which is always nice after a day of Italiano. 

So, almost a week and a half in, i feel it is probably necessary to fill you on what kind of mischief has been afoot. Arriving in Orvieto was quite an interesting trip as we took a bus directly from the airport from Rome. I was dead from the sleepless nights leading up to the plane ride so what i do remember of the bus ride is merely a blur. Once in Orvieto we met three of the ladies that would be helping us acclimate to our new town: Serena, Marina, + Rosita. Serena is very amicable, Rosita has a strange english/australian accent to her Italian, and Marina seems to speak the least amount of English of the three. We were then shown our apartment, the closest to the duomo and the study center, YES.  We had a quick orientation with some more precious Italians and then i passed the HELL out for a few hours. We had dinner that evening at a really delish restaurant, Zeppelin, with Chef Lorenzo who in a few days would be teaching me how to make focaccia and panini's (ughghghghg, so tasty)

The following days moved by quickly until our trip to Rome. This was an insanely surreal experience, especially to be in a city that we have studied for so long, and to see people nonchalantly walking by buildings that i would probably cream myself in front of (and most likely did). This day we moved at a very hurried pace to make it to all the locations that were planned. (we didnt) We stopped by St. Peters for a moment, and moved on to the Piazza del Popolo, then on to a really fugly Richard Meier building. We then headed towards the Spanish Steps, then onto the Trevi Fountain, and finally ending at San . It was a lot to take in in about 5 hours. It is now Thursday, and i will be returning to Rome on Friday, and will be staying for the weekend. Hopefully things should turn out okay.

So i wrote this a few days before i left, but it is now Sunday. This whole lack of internet could prove to be interesting...

St. Peters Square

Precious german girl in St. Peters Square 


Piazza del Popolo entry gate detail

Piazza del Popolo

There are street performers everywhere that spray their bodies gold or silver and dressup as various historical figures (Mummies, Statue of Libertyesque) but this guy was the best. Not in the picture is an old camera which he cranked once you gave him money. It was very romantic. 

Spanish Steps. not that exciting, but i liked this bitch.

Trevi Fountain.. very beautiful and picturesque but full of annoying people.

Street Detail near the Trevi Fountain

I have a ridiculous amount of pictures to put up on here, and a myriad of stories to tell about my weekend in Rome but they will have to wait for another time. I hope everyone had a terribly pleasing weekend. I will try to update soon, but you might not hear from me for a while. Please comment, even if just to say bonjour. Its always nice to hear from people.

Ciao for now.


Diana Trushell said...

i like the bitch on the steps, as well.

genevieve said...

jealous doesnt even begin to cover it.

Staci Kay said...

I to like the bitch on the steps... And I also hate your lack of internet. I miss my Ryan time.