Someday I'll Be Here With Someone

I think i am still drunk as i am typing this post, so this could be interesting. I feel like i am about fourty weeks behind on this thing and i almost gave up on it. However, i did get a second wind and decided i needed to update, so here we go. We visted Firenze a few weeks ago for the first time, taking one of the quicker trains, only taking two hours (awesome) We arrived there and headed to the San Lorenzo market, which starts near the church, and winds way street by street. I eventually bought some pretty bitchin fakery ray bans, and i almost bought a leather owl, but i resisted. We then headed towards the doumo arriving in the large piazza, filled with asian tourists gawking at the buildings surrounding them. Marco had the whispers on, so we were listening as he described the doumo, when i noticed pigeons strangely following a man (like 40 pigeons) I eventually saw him throw out some grain, the mystery solved. My initial reaction to the doumo, was one of awe, eyes glazed over, viewing the gigantic structure.

We went inside the next day and travelled to the top of doumo, quite a dizzying journey, but well worth it.

Florence at night was beautiful.

My brain hurts too much to type more, but hopefully the pictures give an idea of how beautiful Florence was. I will update with part two of florence sometime soon. O, and the significance of the title of the post: The cupola of the duomo is covered with graffiti, mostly japanese/chinese, but one of them was poetic and lonely and i immediately fell in love.


Diana Trushell said...

I want to go to there!

Winifred said...

Uhg. Lovey, you make me want to cry when I see those photographs. Beautiful.