Vicenza in an Hour

um we had 1.5 hours to see this entire city. it was a rather quick trek.. ridiculous.

I Die.

Brion-Vega. I died.



So moving on... Venice.. i havent really wrapped my brain around the fact that i was there. The city is ridiculous , in the fact that it probably shouldnt exist, and that it is immensely, absurdley beautiful. Both regards make it incredibly easy to fall in love with, and fall in love with it i most definitely did. You find yourself inexplicably enamored as you start wondering through the city.. stumbling upon campos, gondoliers, + crumbling villas, all with the water never more than a  few meters away.. waiting for your return to it. I cant think of much more to say so on with the images i suppose:

Eric + I went to Santa Maria Maggiore for a quick bit.. most of the exterior was under construction so i couldnt get a good shot of it really, but the interior was beautiful and the windows were letting the dappled light hit the grey stone. 

I went up into the Campanile on one of the remaining days we were there and took some bitchin panoramas quickly. The elevator door opened and i was barraged with small childrens screams. An ENTIRE class of italian children were up there.. and they were either on a sugar high or coming down from one.. either way they were fucking rambunctious. The one nun in charge of them was yelling at them in italian and they were screaming back in piccolo italian sentences.. and my ears were bleeding. Needless to stay i didnt stay up in the tower as long as i had planned.

Some of us went to the Biennale where there were dozens of pavilions representing different countries. The United States one was atrocious and i cant even bring myself to post its picture it was so fugly. We did however find some fun things to play with.

That evening we decided to take the ferry over to the recently completed calatrava bridge which was simple and understated and sexy. Venice tends to flood quite a bit, and that evening was no exception as St. Marks square started filling with water. I came to see a bit later in the evening (filled with booze) to see the aftermath of what had happened. It was surreal to be on of the only people in the campo as earlier in the day it was filled to the brim with people.

The rest of the pictures are various sights around Venezia, including the sculpture garden in the Peggy Guggenheim museum...

I was not really looking forward to leaving, but we had to move on. I will be returning here one day though..