On the Precipice

The next day i awoke, feeling a bit better, my sore throat subsiding and the sun shining brightly. Most of us bused up to the hilltop town of Ravello, situated a few km away from Amalfi. Once at the top we split into our respective social groups and began to explore the city. Most of us took a look at the main church first, a white exterior and interior minus a few choice colors here and there: mostly light pink and teal. It was a simple, understated church that i really enjoyed. 

Realizing that we could get a group discount for the first villa we went to, a large group of us strolled through at the same time. the Villa Rufolo is still used for concerts in the summer which i can imagine are very beautiful, especially when the gardens are in full bloom. I ate an orange here, basking in the sunlight, taking in all that was around me.

A few of us walked down a bit, exploring Ravello a bit more before heading to the Villa Cimbrone, discovering a church on the way.

The Villa Cimbrone, located at the far end of Ravello was expansive and i am sure is even more impressive when the lush gardens have blossomed. There were many different "rooms" if you will outside, with various sculptures dotting the landscape. I preferred the terrace of infinity with its sweeping view of the ocean, with busts perched right on the crest of the cliff. 

I also really enjoyed "mercury's seat" which was down the trail from the terrace of infinity. Located inside was a statue of mercury with an inscription on the far wall:

"lost in a world which i crave to part,

I sit down and commune with my heart,

pleased with my little corner of earth,

glad that i came, not sorry to part."

After the Villa Cimbrone, i met a few of the girls just as they were about to hike down to Amalfi. There were hiking trails from amalfi to ravello and vice versa which one could take as opposed to the buses. There was no way i was hiking up, but i felt that maybe down would be a more enjoyable experience. There were seven of us, Al, Sam, Stephanie, Wendy, Lizzie, Kyle, and myself. The trail was confusing at times, horrendously steep, and full of attack dogs: in other words, it was splendid. Once we reached the bottom, i grabbed some pizza and sat by the water for an hour.

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