Isle in the Sea

So i am trying to make catch up quickly before i leave so i will write very little but will have a crap ton of pictures. We went to Naples from Amalfi to go to the archaelogical museum which housed many things which were taken from Pompeii during the restorations: including the erotic art. awesome!

Eight of us travelled from Naples to Sorrento via ferry that evening, but not before we travelled through the city by foot. I couldnt really find much, if any, redeeming qualities to Naples during this quick trek.. it was dirty, congested, and supposedly highly dangerous. As we approached Napoli, i couldnt help but think to myself "this is everything that i dont like about America" so that should give you an inkling. Anwyay! the ferry ride was gorgeous and right at dusk. The light was beautiful that night and we had the entire top deck to ourselves as all the other travelers deemed it too cold to be outside (only slightly chilly)

We arrived in Sorrento in the evening and wandered around for about an hour trying to find our hostel, eventually stumbling upon it. Seven Hostel was amazing.. recently refurbished, modern, with a bar, and with highly pressurized showers! We drank that night, but i went to bed early as i was still recovering from being ill, and i wanted to be up early to get to Capri. Wendy, Jared, Lizzie took the bus from the hostel to the dock, meeting up with the boys #2 and the girls. After docking, Lizzie and i went to explore Villa Jovis and Villa St. Michele

We then hiked around western(ish) tip of the island, noting that the trail wasnt too terrible until we got to the stairs of death, which last for about 20 minutes. Needless to say Eric, Meghan, Lizzie, and I were sweaty and tired by the end of it. By that time, the last ferry was leaving shortly so we bussed back to the dock meeting boys #2, boys#1, and the girls. The ferry ride back was lovely + bittersweet, with the sun setting in the distance, pink and orange slowly subsiding into the darkness. It was a serene way to leave Capri. 

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