I am back from Spain, with all my personal belongings and my sanity. Spring break was a lot of fun, and it was nice to be in a warmer area for a little while. Anyway... before we can get to the gloriuousness of spain.. i still need to update with some tidbits from our north trip which included Venice, Verona, and Vicenza along with the Church of the Autostrada, and the Brion-Vega Cemetery by Carlos Scarpa. We shall start first with the Church of the Autostrada:

It was nice to experience a church not built ages ago.. not to say that i dont appreciate those... but after dozens, a change was definitely needed. The interior had an elegant movement to it, and i have no idea how that giant curve is held up but i dont care, because its existence is needed. The entire church had a general artistic expression which i can get behind so i really enjoyed it.. and subsequently will be moving into it soon...

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