Overrated : Or Pisa

Last weekend was easter and as such, we had both friday and monday off! Four day weekend! My original intent was to travel to cinque terre, but due to money/time complications, it didnt happen. I did however travel the villa medici with rick and a few others and then some of us decided to make our way to pisa afterwards. The Villa Medici rests high above Florence, with really beautiful views of the city. We took a bus to the top of the hill, walked down to the entrance gate and were let in.

And then we took a train from Florence to Pisa to see the field of miracles and the leaning tower. Needless to say, i felt that most of this was incredibly overrated.. The baptistry was really beautiful but the tower was just a campanile that was leaning... i thought maybe once i was there i would have more appreciation for it. Didnt happen. I did have fun watching other people make asses of themselves... so much that i couldnt resist making an ass of myself!

Brad and Jared were having some couple time on the lawn..

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Staci Kay said...

First off, I love the photos of you and the tower... Ridiculous. Second off, Brad and Jared are the cutest couple ever, they just need to learn to accept it. :)