Sevilla was my last stop on the spain trip, and i was hoping for some delicious weather. I arrived late in the afternoon on Monday, just as the sun was starting to set.. and bussed from the exterior of the city into the historical center. Basically, i had high expectations but was significantly let down..my hostel was amazing and located near everything and Seville would probably have been more exciting.. but i was nearing the end of my trip so i was ready to go back to Orvieto. It also rained the day that i was there which put a damper on things. Anyway... i feel it is unfair to pass that quick of a judgement on a city, but .. 

the cathedral was beautiful and fully gilded and i wanted to steal something but was afraid. I went then to the alcazar which was really beautiful and full of delicious little details.

Anyway.. i dont have much more to say... but Sevilla was partially tasty... i might need another bite.

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