The time has come.

I thought about continuing to update this blog with things not related to my travel in the spring of 2009, but at this point that would seem a little insensitive on my part. I would rather preserve this moment in time, these transcendent months when my only worry was "where to next?" I learned so much along the way... I came to realize the trials and tribulations of maintaining a blog on limited bandwidth, my love for capturing moments in time through a camera lens, and the joys of being a stranger, on my own, in a strange land. I could write more, continue to get even more sentimental until i become a sobbing heap, but i think ill stop here. If you were following this, or perhaps had a glance every once and a while, thank you. It might seem silly, but having a blog is a really lonely process, and seeing a comment makes it that much easier to continue on. If you want to continue following my sordid affairs, you can find me at my new stomping grounds:


ciao ciao.

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Staci Kay said...

This time needs to come for my blog, but I haven't done it yet. I feel like it completely ends that part of my life, and I don't want that to happen.