I arrived in copenhagen after my time in Prague, sad to leave friends but glad to move on to another european location! I think besides Paris, Copenhagen was the place i wanted to see the most..having read plenty of tid bits about the inherent style of the Danes, as well as the their great love for bicycles, i was excited to see it with my own eyes. It was also my first time couchsurfing... previous tries had led to squashed plans so i was uneasy about it, but it turned out to be a marvelous experience. I stayed with a very charming gentleman that goes by the name of Martin.. i couldnt have asked for a nicer person to meet or a more welcoming host. He showed me around Copenhagen via bike.. the vehicle of choice with which i quickly become accustomed. I spent the first day getting accustomed with the city via the visitor bikes (WHICH IS AN AWESOME IDEA!!) so i didnt take any pictures. I met a few of martins friends.. rode around Copenhagen.. especially the manmade island which he resides on. The next day Diana arrived so Martin and i went to pick her up at the airport and then i went and did laundry at a very efficient laundry mat down the street (a few blocks further than i thought) We further explored Copenhagen via bikes.. and i found my dream vehicle!

We made a delicious (authentic!) danish meal that evening with Martins help. It was sooo good! The next day, Martin had to work so Diana + I went off to explore Copenhagen (on our feet.. i grew tired, both physically and mentally of the bike... mainly physically... ill have to lose a few more pounds before taking up the bike as my main vehicle.. but the freedom it afforded was fun!) We went to the New Harbor.. looking for a boat tour that Martin had recommended which we found easily. The tour lasted for an hour and took us around most of Copenhagen..it was wonderful when the sun was out, but a little chilly when the clouds came..but enjoyable over all. We found a bakery (O MY GOD SO GOOD!!) near one of the canals and we both got focaccia Hawaiian style and then we decided to split a GIGANTIC danish.. it took us a few hours but we did it over a few sittings.

We then moved onto to the DAC.. the Danish Architecture Center where we went to see the exhibit Yes is More by the firm BIG. It was fantastic and probably one of the best architecture exhibits ive been too.. there were interacive videos, dozens of models.. everything in an architecture students dreams.. We then moved on to the DDC (Dansk Design Center) which had an exhibit on lighting... which was less than exciting.

After our day of exploring.. we decided to trek to one more spot of Copenhagen, the beach! It was only a few blocks away from Martins house so we we walked, snapping photos.. trying to get this damn bird to stay still for a second.. and much to our chagrin it refused.

The next day was my last day in Copenhagen.. as i was leaving later in the afternoon, but that didnt stop Diana and I from trekking into the town for explorations.. Our first stop was food.. we both got delicious danish.. diana's lemon.. mine chocolate! We then moved onto a massive cemetary which was more like a park than anything..let down! We continued to walk around Copenhagen.. i finally had a slushy! I had been craving that and waffles since my arrival in Italy so it the icy concoction was a welcome reprieve.

My time in Copenhagen came to an end, sadly.. but i was moving onto Amsterdam to meet Staci. However, Copenhagen is a city which made a lasting impression.. one not soon to leave my mind. I cant wait for my return to the city.. where i will share a danish with someone.. resting on the canals watching the tour boats go by. i cant hardly wait.

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