Paris: Deuxieme Jour

The second day in Paris started out with torrential downpours which was not as fun when one individual forgets their umbrella and then you have to share and get rain poured on you. Needless to say, my visit to the Orsay was a little bit damp. Despite that, i really enjoyed the museum as it was full of lovely pieces and it was housed in an abandoned railway station.

We then walked towards lunch and the Ecole Military. It was still stormy outside, but after lunch the sun started to shine just a bit. Adjacent to the Ecole was Napoleons tomb so we also visited that as well.

kelley at lunch.

Our next stop was a short walk to the Rodin Museum where we spent a brief amount of time. My impressions of this museum were less than stellar..It could have been because of the domineering weather, but most of the museum was outside, so it probably wasnt the best day to visit. I did get to see the thinker in person which was nice to see..

After our trip to the Rodin museum we ventured back to the apartment to drop some stuff off and then Andrew and my mom and I went onto explore more of the latin quarter eventually finding a little cafe with a view of the Seine and drinking and eating until the sun was gone and twilight had consumed the sky. We walked past Notre Dame as we did every night...

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