Paris: Troisieme Jour (This is Versailles!)

On my third day in Paris, the fam and i visited Versaille.. which was an all day ordeal. Fortunately for us, we bought the museum pass and didnt have to wait in the GARGANTUAN line to buy tickets. We all kind of split up and then met for lunch, splitting again to explore the trianons and the hamlet. Basically it was huge overwhelming and gilded. As i was editing these photos, i kept thinking to myself, why do all these pictures have gold in their name... silly versailles! Also, i had a slight fetish for all the chandeliers... which was a lot:

After exploring the interior, it was off to the exterior. Having studied this complex in school i really wasnt prepared for the enormity of the grounds. They were simply gigantic! I kept having flashes of marie antoinette and am now really jealous of the crew of that movie being able to film on set!

grand trianon

petite trianon

marie antoinette's hamlet!

We spent hours at Versaille.. most of the day really.. but the Louvre was open late so we decided to make our second visit there in the evening which was nice because it was not as crowded as it previously was.

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