Paris: Sixieme Jour

So on the sixth day in Paris our little family split up, my brothers and my dad went to normandy beach and my mom and i decided to explore more of Paris. We decided to see some things that we both were wanting to see, the Opera and the Pere Lachaise Cemetery. First we had to move luggage from our apartment in the latin quarter to la defense which was quite a trip. We finally made it to the opera after a quick break at the hotel we were staying in the last two nights. The Opera was simply gorgeous and one of my favorite places i visited while abroad. It was so immensely grande and i could feel the history of the place.

After the Opera where we spent a considerable amount of time, we decided to make our way to the Cemetery. On our way we stopped by a gigantic street market right outside the cemetery. It was full of wonderful antiques.. i could have spent days there..ugh it was bliss.

The Pere Lachaise cemetary has a myriad of vital individuals housed inside its walls, including Edith Piaf, Chopin, Proust, Oscar Wilde, Gertrude Stein, and Jim Morrison. My mom was really excited to see Jim Morrisons grave, and i was really wanting to see Oscar Wildes. Jims was strewn with various things, bottles of whiskey, kisses, cigarettes etc. Oscars is COVERED in kisses, so much so that there is a plaque on the grave urging people not to do so.

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