Paris: Quatrieme Jour

Hoping for less cloudy days, we awoke the next morning, only to find just that. We ate some more delicious bakery goods and then headed off to actually go inside of Notre Dame. By this point we had probably walked by it ten times, coming to and from our apartment, but we had yet to go inside. To be honest, at this point in my travels i had seen so many churches, it was hard to be as impressed if i hadnt had my experiences in italy. The inside was gorgeous and domineering... all the qualities a church usually possesses: fear and awe.

After the church, we headed out to see the crypte museum which was something i was interested in.. until we got there. Located in (below) the plaza directly in front of Notre Dame, this museum left ALOT to be desired. I was hoping for.. i dont know.. perhaps a crypte! Needless to say.. we basically sprinted through it, not wanting to waste any of our precious time. We tried to go to S. Chapelle but the line outside was horrendous so we decided to grab lunch in the Marias district. We ate outside at a really lovely place, however dont order sausage if you are wanting actual sausage, because you will get a hot dog (unfortunate). We split from here, each of us going different directions: I headed towards the Musee de Mode (Fashion Museum), My mom, chris and dad went to S. Chapelle, and Andrew went to the Aviation Museum. All of us (except Andrew) ran into a bit of bad luck. I traversed the subways across Paris, finally arriving at my destination, only to behold that the museum was closed. until 2010. I was pissed, but as i learned later, the other three arrived at S. Chapelle only to find it closed to visitors due to a concert. We all met up at the Centre Pompidou which i was very excited to see. The collection there was amazing.. and i could have spent an entire day there, but i was less than impressed with the architecture itself. It was more confusing than i had originally thought.. especially with the idea of simplifying visitor movement. I guess i could say i had higher hopes for it..

After the Centre Pompidou, we made our way to the Arc di Triumph where we ascended the dizzying steps to the top. The view up here was amazing and i would definately recommend climbing the hundreds of steps. My dad didnt make the climb.. so it was just the bros and my mom on top. It was right around the time the eiffel tower turned on and spazzed out, so it was perfect!

crazed andrew vs. docile andrew

This was an extremely lovely day and probably one of my favorites in Paris. We were able to see a lot, and was simply wonderful.

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Staci Kay said...

I love the pictures of your mom, Andrew, and Chris... Andrew's facial expressions made me laugh, and Chris just looks not thrilled to be there. Haha. Miss you. Can't wait for next week!