Lemon Cake + Amelie

So i am finally back in the states.. arriving the day before my birthday. I am already missing Italy and all the other european towns that i visited (some more than others, namely paris and copenhagen) Getting accustomed to life here is going to be strangAdd Imagee. The drive home was full of endless fields of green, dotted with cows.. the roads covered in HORRENDOUSLY oversized vehicles. I never noticed it as much as i do now.. coming back, but the majority of our vehicles are simply ridiculous. Anyway.. i finally arrived back in wichita late in the afternoon on my birthday and was still pooped from the time change so i ended up doing very little. I did however make a lemon cake with my mom and we both watched amelie, reminiscing on our parisian visit.

It was delish. I realize i havent really updated with my post study travels so that will be occurring within the next week as i finally can breathe.. stop moving/traveling for a few days.

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